Adding rubocop to a legacy project

To add rubocop to a legacy project, first grab a .rubocop.yml that specifies your projects code style and then do:

rubocop -c .rubocop.yml --auto-gen-config --exclude-limit 500

Then you’ll want to include the automatically generated todo file into your .rubocop.yml.

inherit_from: .rubocop_todo.yml

Run rubocop. Any violations that you now see will be caused by your config overriding the todo exclusions.  Find the cops causing problems using rubocop -D

Then fix them by doing things like:

increasing your Metrics/LineLength in  the .rubocop.yml

or perhaps setting the Enabled to false.

By doing this you can relatively quickly add rubocop to a legacy project with settings matching an organisations coding style, ready for you to really start making a codebase better.

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