Running Thin in a Thread to serve static files (or how to seed carrierwave images)

Published by Rob on March 27th, 2014 – in Ruby

I recently wanted to have a short-term local webserver. Specifically to be able to seed some images with carrierwave, using the handy external_image_url functionality. The project Gemfile has Thin in it, so it made a bunch of sense to use it. Another important property is that I want to be able to run this simple server from within a rails process. There are three bits of information that I learnt and particulary want to highlight

  • starting a thin server to serve a directory
  • running thin in a thread
  • the CarrierWave remote_#{attribute_name}_url (where attribute name is the name of the attribute you have CarrierWave uploadified – used as remote_image_url throughout the rest of this post)

Here is the code that I ended up with for the thin server:

For the carrierwave I ended up with:

Then at the end I clean up with:

So all in one spot the code is:

The above code is a nice little script for programatically uploading images to your carrierwave models in rails code.

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