Things to think about when building a new web project

I’ve been thinking and talking with people about building webapps. Every project has it’s own set of contexts to consider, and questions to work through. As such each will have things to consider. Here are some questions to work through.

  • Single page vs multi-page
  • JSON HTTP API for data and resources vs generating server side html
  • Big framework vs roll your own
  • Angular/Ember/Knockout
    • testing/learning/state today vs tomorrow
  • javascript module system
    • requirejs/browserify/framework based
  • What server-side frameworks/technologies do you want to use
  • What do you want to learn?
  • CSS Framework for getting started
    • foundation/bootstrap/pure css
  • mobile strategy (responsive design)

For many of the questions and options above, I think that I have strong opinions about the answer (as I’m sure many people do). Thinking through the questions above is an important thing to be doing on any project.

What questions do you think about?

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