Getting Started with D3 By Mike Dewar

I picked up a review copy of this book quite a while ago, being intrigued by D3, but not really knowing what it was. It was only more recently that I have been working on a codebase that uses D3, and so had a need to read the book. I’d been tinkering around the edges, but then had a strong need to do some d3 codeing, so picked up my copy of “Getting Started with D3”.

It’s a good thin little book that does a really good of introducing D3 and how to work and think in the D3 way. I found it a really useful tool for learning D3 and it gave me enough to do what I wanted. It’s a good entry point, and helps give an idea of how to work with the D3 APIs. The book shows good examples of consuimg JSON data, and how to render the data into the DOM with D3. ┬áIt additionally goes through some SVG and charting examples. It is worth noting that the book is a short read. If you are expecting a detailed reference to D3, this isn’t the book for you.

I’d recommend the book to any developer who wants to know more about D3. I’d strongly recommend it to someone who wants or needs to get started writing D3 code quickly.

[This book was reviewed as a part of the O’Reilly Blogger Review Program]

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