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REST API Design Rulebook By Mark Masse

I’ve been building web based APIs of various forms for a number of years now, interacting with SOAP and RESTful services, and building some myself. It was with some interest that I picked up the book REST API Design Rulebook, getting it from the O’Reilly blogger review program.

The book provides a decent set of information around REST, and had me either nodding my head or thinking at various stages. Its description and thoughts around REST were pretty good, but there is one area to be wary of. The book seems to do two things.

  1. Describe ways of doing REST well.
  2. Sell WRML, the authors own framework to help model REST

I found the first helpful and useful, but wasn’t as excited aboutthe second. While I understand the authors passion and desire to share what they’ve created, it ends up detracting significantly from the book, to the extent where I’d downgrade it from a must read to something that I’d hesitate to recommend.

The problem boils down to this. There are a number of challenges and interesting things to solve with REST APIs. The author has created a framework to help deal with these. Naturally then the author recommends using their framework to solve the problems. Which mean the book becomes Rest API design Rulebook with WRML. I’m not convinced that WRML is the answer, so I’d hesitate to recommend this book.

[This book was reviewed as a part of the O’Reilly Blogger Review Program]