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Mobile Design Pattern Gallery By Theresa Neil

Patterns and pattern languages are a contentious topic among developers these days. Stemming from an overuse of them, and using fancy pattern names to excuse overly complex code, they are not the miracle cure they were thought to be 10 years ago. That said, having collections of things that work can be useful, and having names for things is very useful.

Mobile Design Pattern Gallery does a good job of outlining user interface patterns for mobile, giving labels to the elements, and helping developers like me think about what is in a design. I could imagine using the book to help produce a first cut of a mobile app in the lean MVP sense. Of courseĀ a UX designer will help produce a much improved experience, but the book gives enough examples to help get an idea for what could be done. In addition there are great links out to other resources and books to learn more.

I’d definitely recommend this book to developers and others who want to have a good set of examples and ideas for mobile user interfaces.

[This book was reviewed as a part of the O’Reilly Blogger Review Program]