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Planning for Big Data

Planning for Big Data presents a series of short articles on working with Big Data. Big Data being the large datasets that are available today.

My first experiences with big data date back to last century, working on Large telecommunications datasets. In those days the ideas were to create star schemes and denormilised relational data models.

In the current world big data means working with huge datasets that are often unstructured.  The datasets being worked with will be a mix of proprietary in-house data, and publicly available data.  Working with these datasets will require tools that allow the unstructured data to be worked with, and can also handle the large volumes.  Planning for Big Data gives a good introduction to the current start of the art tools and techniques in a short easy to read series of articles.  It’s a great little overview for a technical or slightly technical person wanting to get a feel for the space without being bogged down in the details.

I’d recommend this for someone who is wanting to move into the world of Big Data.

[This book was reviewed as a part of the O’Reilly Blogger Review Program]