Codermetrics by Jonathan Alexander

Codermertrics provides an interesting idea, measuring software development with a goal of trying to find things to improve. I found it interesting having seen bad metrics used and talked about in past. Codermetrics goes beyond the classically missed “LOC” (Lines of Code) metric that developers rightfully loath, and presents a variety of different metrics to measure. It bases the ideas around Sabermetrics, the analysis of baseball through metrics.

I found the ideas presented in the book interesting, and pretty well presented. While I can’t see myself using them directly at the current point in time, I can see that measuring what is being doing can be useful for getting feedback, and helping to improve behaviours and techniques. The metrics presented in the book are interesting, and there are good ideas and tools for thinking about how to develop your own metrics, and refine those presented.

I’d recommend the book to people thinking about how to improve the performance of a software development team.

[This book was reviewed as a part of the O’Reilly Blogger Review Program]

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