Functional Programming for Java Developers By Dean Wampler

It was with eagerness and anticipation that I picked up a copy of “Functional Programming for Java Developers”. I’d heard about it on twitter, and conversations with my resident functional guru (Tony Morris) got me excited about the potential for this book.

In the end it made for a quick read. Having spent many hours working through functional exercises with Tony meant that I’d already been introduced to the majority of the ideas covered in the book, and so I fell outside the main target audience of java developers who haven’t done functional programming, but are interested. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t done functional programming, and is interested, but not to people who’ve already had exposure.

As the target audience for the book is for that group of people, I think it gets it spot on, and anyone in that group should grab a copy.  The coverage of functional programming using Java is good, and the bibliography and list of next steps is great.

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