The Book of Ruby By Huw Collingbourne

The Book of Ruby constantly had me torn. I love the simple and clear examples. The explanation of the core of the ruby language is very solid and well done. It’s a readable book…. but the code isn’t as clear as I would hope. In trying to point the reader to what the author views as the important things to learn, he often deliberately goes against the normal ruby coding style.

The code is simple and clear,yet there are too many times where it grates against me. There is perhaps a case to saying that it is simply my own personal biases that are getting in the way, and I can live with that, but I like to think that I’ve built up these biases and thought from experience, and that they count for something.

So in reviewing this book, I am, as I said torn. It is quite clear. It’s well written with quite good coding examples. I did manage to read it from end to end, which speaks of it’s readability. It’s sold as a gentler introduction than the classic pick-axe, but I don’t know who I’d recommend it to over the pick-axe. I give this book a 3 out of 5. It’s faults won’t let me rate it higher, but aren’t significant enough to rate it any lower.

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