App Savvy By Ken Yarmosh

App Savvy is a great book if you’ve got an idea for an iOS app or want to move into the space. It has a good introduction to the topics that you should be thinking about, presenting a strategy for how to produce a successful app.

I’ve recently received an iPad and can see some opportunity for Ephox on the platform. App Savvy has helped me frame my thinking around what this might look like, and how to go about producing a successful app. While the book suggests acting while reading, I’ve been using it as my background reading first. If I start moving forward with an app I expect to reread parts of the book. I’ve definitely been making copious use of the iBook highlight and bookmark functions as I’ve been reading.

One of the only drawbacks in what I’ve seen is that there is a little too much jumping around to different chapters as the author gets the mix of content flow and timelines right. I’m not sure if it was avoidable, but I did find it a little bit awkward at times.

Overall this is a good book, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking at putting together an iOS app.

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