The Art of Community – Jono Bacon

The Art of Community provides good coverage of community, helping readers to think about building a community and the tasks and work involved in doing so.

For me this book comes at a good time as I step into a new role at Ephox, leading our JavaScript and TinyMCE work, looking at getting involved with the TinyMCE community and thinking about how Ephox can best get involved with enterprise and the greater community.

Jono writes well making the book a good read, presenting his experience and thoughts very clearly and coherently.  The book makes good use of examples and is definitely readable. It struck me as useful in my early stages of thinking about community (myself being earlier in thinking than the community I’m getting into), and had information and examples pertinent to much bigger communities as well. I’ve highlighted and bookmarked many  pages in iBooks for my future reference, as I expect that the topics will come up in future communities that aim a part of. Many other parts matched and confirmed my experiences and conversations that I’ve had with different people about community in the past. In particular the comments around programmers and mailing lists rang true.

Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the book to anyone who is interested in the topic.  The Art of Community provides good information and food for thought around building communities.

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