Monthly Archives: May 2010

Mounting a folder on OSX over SSH

It’s suprisingly easy to mount a folder via ssh. This is especially useful when you need to access something via ssh tunnels. Following is the process to follow when using an ssh tunnel. ┬áTo do without the tunnel, remove step 3, and make the sshfs command directly reference the server in step 4.

Step 1) get and install macfuse, along with the ssh filesystem

Step 2) create a folder to mount to. mkdir -p /mnt/remote

Step 3) setup the ssh tunnel: ssh -C -L 2022:server_with_data_to_get:22 ssh.tunnel.server (going into server_with_data_to_get via ssh.tunnel.server, making this available at localhost:2022).

Step 4) Use sshfs to mount the drive: sshfs -C -p 2022 username@localhost:/path/to/folder_to_mount /mnt/remote (connect to the localhost -ssh tunnel end point- mount remote folder /path/to/folder_to_mount to the local folder /mnt/remote).