Making the Home and End Keys work in Eclipse 3.4 on Apple Mac OSX

Hidden in the comments of the article of Starry Hope – Mac Home and End Keys are some instructions for how to make the home and end keys work well as begin and end line in eclipse.  I've done all the other tricks to make this work on my Mac, so was getting really frustrated with Eclipse.  double home and double end are common key combinations for me in IntelliJ and Eclipse on Windows, so the current behaviour of going to the beginning or end of the file drives me crazy.  The details of doing this differ slightly in Eclipse 3.4.1, so I'll list the steps I followed below.

  1. open the eclipse preferences pane
  2. general->keys
  3. in the filter type line start and note that there will be existing bindings when editing text.
  4. select line start type home, and ensure that the "when" field stays with Editing Text
  5. apply
  6. follow this process for select line start, line end, and select line end.

After doing this, expect your anger at eclipse on Mac to decrease to much more manageable levels.


2 thoughts on “Making the Home and End Keys work in Eclipse 3.4 on Apple Mac OSX

  1. Jason Kaiser

    If you want to keep the existing bindings and add bindings for Home/End, you can click “Copy Command” and apply the key bindings to the new copy.

    You can also apply this technique to the “Select Line Start” and “Select Line End” commands.

  2. Toby O'Sullivan

    You sir are an absolute saviour!

    Confirmed technique in Eclipse Neon, just needed to unbind conflicting bindings with Text Start and Text End


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