Updating RubyGems in OSX 10.5.7

.7When recently trying to install Sinatra via RubyGems, I got a message that RubyGems was out of date. I figured that gem would be smart enough to have an easy upgrade command, so there had to be a command to easily upgrade. Naturally there is:

gem update --system

I only found this when looking through google, and I got a series of pages warning to be careful when using gem update --system as it can kill existing gems (http://puctuatedproductivity.com/2007/11/01/unistalling-ruby-installed-by-source-on-os-x, http://thenoobonrails.blogspot.com/2008/06/doing-gem-update-system-might-lose-all.html) so I was a bit nervous.  Since I have a periodic use of ruby and I'm lazy enough to make Larry Wall proud, I figured I'd take a punt on just using gem update --system.  Turns out it just works, and I've kept all my old gems.  Hooray.  Given that the posts talking about issues are old, I'm either assuming that they've done things differently to me, or things have been fixed since then… so… if you need to update gems due to a message:

ERROR: Error installing sinatra:
fastthread requires RubyGems version >= 1.2

or similar, just use gem update --system

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