Monthly Archives: March 2009

Online Sermons

  It's been a very long time since I've posted anything in the Theistic Thought category of this blog.  Long enough that people might not have ever seen one :).

This isn't so much of a Theistic Thought, as more of a sharing of a resource.  I've just come across The Gospel Coalition website, which has a great set of sermons from good preachers available for people to download.  What I've heard so far, and seen is great, and well worth a listen if you are that way inclined.

I stumbled across the site while looking for recent sermons from Don Carson, and was stoked to find a list of Don Carson sermons, which it looks like they will keep up to date.  This list on it's own is great to see, but combined with the other people it is awesome.  I'm particularly stocked to see the inclusion of the sermons from funniest, most challenging bible based preacher I've heard, Mark Driscoll.  (Mark Driscoll views preachers and stand-up comics as the professions that he can learn the most from, with Chris Rock being one of the important people that he tries to learn technique from).

The resources form a great portal for how to get to good biblical resources.  I'll be using it as a starting point to listen and learn more about God.