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Windows Vista – Unblocking Security For Executables in Program Files


Unblocking security to remove the annoying Open File – Security Warning dialog on Windows Vista is harder (much harder) than it should be.  Especially when you have the file sitting in a secure location such as Program Files.  There are so many different solutions out there when you ask Google. Let me add one more, because


If you are getting the dialog titled "Open File – Security Warning" with the bold text: "The publisher could not be verified.  Are you sure you want to run this software?", it may be a bit convulted to get rid of the problem.

First you should try going to the executable file, right click on it to bring up the properties dialog, and click the unblock button.


If this doesn't work (say if the .exe is in a secure folder such as program files), don't give up. Try moving the file to a location that isn't secure, and then unblock it.

If that doesn't work, then run screaming, and buy a mac.

Configuring Windows 2003 as a Development Server

Like many developers I spend a decent amount of time stopping and starting VMWare servers. Many of these are running Windows Server 2003. Win 2K3 has been designed as a server, and therefore has things like automatic tracking of reasons why the server was shutdown, which requires you to enter reasons into the dialog. As a server it also has pretty tight security around the Internet Explorer,making it even less usable than usual.

Fortunately (like always) the internet has the answers to these problems. The Microsoft Software Forum Network has a good series of articles titled “How to convert your Windows Server 2003… to a Workstation!“.  These talk about a whole heap of different options on what to do, the most useful for making W2k3 run as a development server are:

  1. Disabling Internet Explorer Enhanced Security, and
  2. Disabling the Shutdown Event Tracker.

Following the simple steps in these articles will help save time when working with a Development Win 2k3 server.