Monthly Archives: March 2008

The Eleventh Essential for the Labour Ward

My Mum and Dad were members of the Mountainers association in Washington State. They always telling me that there were 10 essentials to take with you. You had to make sure you had the 10 essentials. Of course there was also the eleventh essential for mountaineering—toilet paper :).

As I sit here typing this blog (of all places I’m in the labour ward), I am reminded of Mum and Dad’s lists. For us coming to labour, there have been many lists as well. Suzanne did a google to help get some good ideas of what to bring, and had a nice suitcase that she packed. The lists didn’t include the eleventh essential, which for us has been my laptop ;).

It has been really great, allowing us to watch a DVD to pass the time (the epidural made it possible for us to be enjoying the experience). It has also has been nice for me to be doing something while Suzanne rests. Overall a laptop with some decent media definately ranks as an important thing to bring in your overnight bag when giving birth.

ps—by the time I post this, the baby will have arrived, and we will once again be proud parents. If I’ve missed sending you a photo, and you are interested, send me an e-mail.