Migrating to FreeMarker

… or Adding the red button

AJ mentioned that we have automated the build and release process. After spending much of the morning hearing everyone talking about wanting to push the “big red button” for a release, and hearing how it was “too hard”, to update the html, I decided to go ahead and work out what needed to happen. What an interesting world I discovered.

The webapp in need of the red button is basically a servlet which calls out to the various parts of the world (our various build ). This works fine, but sometimes gets a bit hard to maintain (ok so some things are very hard to maintain). So (rather than doing a huge change), I figured that I could drop in a templating engine, and use the servlet to merge the template. I knew that Velocity is a bit old hat now, so went for a bit of a google, and (after a short diversion into another non-maintained option), I found FreeMarker. Having heard of it in the past, and knowing that it was the tool of choice for WebWork, I thought I’d give it a go.

My first test was to create a hello world web app from scratch.

I ended up with a very basic servlet that I’ve attached.

Basically it creates a configuration:

configuration = new Configuration();

tells the config that templates are found in the templates sub directory of the current class. configuration.setClassForTemplateLoading(this.getClass(), "templates");

retrieves the template:

 template = configuration.getTemplate("start.html");

creates a map of data to merge with the template: 

Map freeMarkerData = new HashMap();

freeMarkerData.put("user", "Mr Man");

 and finally merges the data with the template: 

 template.process(freeMarkerData, response.getWriter());

The hello world spike done (at home), all I needed to do was repeat the process at work with the real servlet. Replacing the html from the magic servlet, one template at a time.

Of course the first template to be created on our deployment applet was the one with the Big Red button.

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