Monthly Archives: January 2007

Migrated From Typo to WordPress

After my prodding by Doug, I thought I might make a post. 

I'm also making the jump to WordPress as my blogging engine. For three reasons: 

1) Typo doesn't really suit me. It is cool, and ruby on rails, but suffers from the fact that rails is primarily based around persistent processes. This means that I can't just assume that it will keep on keeping on, and I just want to be able to occasionally post, and forget. I still like Rails, and like the idea of having a rails based blog, but am not interested in investing in having one. I am happy enough to use a php based option that will just work, and given that I can easily install wordpress, and there are migration scripts for it. It won. 

2) WordPress does blogging well, and is open enough, and is php and I can hack it.

3) As Doug mentioned, I am spending my days at Ephox. Given that AJ has done the work of making Edit Live with WordPress, I can use a real editor :). 

Note: I am writing this in TextMate while in the middle of doing the migration, and will get the aforementioned real editor going shortly. update and with just a little bit more hacking I was able to recover my old Movable type comments which never actually made it across to my typo blog 🙂