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Howto do Base64 Decoding on OSX

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On odd occasions there is a need to do Base64 decoding to view a file.

One example is to view an attachment that is available on a mailing list archive. Say for example, something like this from a Crypto group.

This can be pretty easy to do if you know the right magic on a real operating system (unix backed).

1) copy and paste the output into a file 2) openssl base64 -d <inputfile >out.pdf 3) grin merrily… there is no step 3 (like Instiki).

(For those interested — the OS X post is cause I switched :)… I have a G4 iBook and I am loving it :)).

Violet UML tool

I am doing a short talk about a cryptographic paper to a reading group. In explaining the paper I wanted to use a UML Sequence diagram (I have invested enough in UML that I even dream in UML sequence diagrams sometimes).1

So in order to do this I needed a free easy to use editor. Google (everyones friend) helped me out nicely and I found Violet. Violet is a great free easy to use tool. It just works, and makes it easy to do the straightforward uml diagrams. I only did a sequence diagram, but found it did the job very well. I kicked it off with Java Web Start, and then exported the image the hacky way with alt print screen. 30 seconds of Paint gives me a nice little diagram that contains my understanding of the game playing technique.

It looks like this:

click to enlarge

^1. When learning a foreign language the evidences that you know the language well are:

  • that you think in the language,
  • dream in the language, and
  • that you can do things like pray in the language.

As I mentioned, I have had dreams in UML, and often think in UML. I cannot pray in UML, but could probably explain Christianity in a sequence diagram.