Monthly Archives: May 2005

JUnit 4 being built

In the second page of a recent interview with Erich Gamma by Bill Venners on
How to Use Design Patterns Gamma mentions that work has begun on JUnit 4.0 with Kent Beck.

Interestingly Gamma points out they are using J2SE 1.5 features (annotations), with the goal of simplifying use. Before Cedric comments :), I should point out that TestNG has already got some of these features. While his stuff looks cool, I think that the name and brand-recognition of JUnit will help the adoption of JUnit 4.0, if it ever becomes more than vapourware.

It will be interesting to see how the introduction of new technology will impact day-to-day coding. It is definately still early days yet. For any changes to really hit people, the changes will first need to be made to JUnit, and then IDE integration will need to happen. Having said that, given Erich and Kent’s involvement in Eclipse, there probably won’t be too much lag time in the IDE integration front.

I look forward to seeing what comes of this.