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Open Source vs Closed Source

While doing some recent research on Computer Forensics tools, I came across this paper talking about open source software. The abstract points out the importance of information, and suggests that education is the best way to increase the adoption of Open Source Software. It makes the valid argument that there are 2 types of computer users. Those that know about OpenSource and those that don’t. (duh) The approach that should be taken in Open source is that those that don’t should be informed about the benefits of Open Source.

It makes for an interesting read. Even if you might argue that Open Source isn’t quite the greatest thing since sliced bread, it does make an interesting read.


Credit for this belongs more with William than me. I was talking about it recently with someone, and thought I would post for prosterity

public class FemtoContainer {
Map components = new HashMap();
public void registerComponent(Class class, Object instanceOfComponent){
   components.put(class, instance);

public Object instantiateObject(Class classToCreate){
   Constructor[] constructors classToCreate.getConstructors();
   // picking off first — actually probably want to assert that there
   //is only one non-default constructor or something… this is a really short hack for demonstration…. and probably won’t compile.
   Constructor constructor = constructors[0];
   Class[] constructorParameterTypes = constructor.getParameterTypes();
   Object[] constructorParameters=
      new Object[constructorParameterTypes.length];
   for (int i =0; i<constructorParameterTypes.length;i++){