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Volunteering IT Skills to a Christian Organisation

Not so much of a Theistic Though… more of a practical working out of the things I believe as truth ;).

Kevin from Chicago asked about my experience in working with a Christian Organisation…. like how and why did I do this, and are there needs for Software developers.

From what I could see, there are real needs for programmers in a Christian Organisation. Most of them are working on a shoestring budget, and so cannot afford to hire programmers. The place where I was working had heaps of work that could be done. All the things that are taken for granted within a corporate environment don’t get done quite so easily.

Specific needs where I was would include:
Intranet — at least for within each national office.
   database — people had lots of ideas that they would like to see done, but not the time or skills to do things
      so either Excel or Access ends up being the solution.
Internet — this isn’t too bad, but they always need developers/designers
Networking — putting together and supporting networks

I ended up doing a combination of these things for a short three week period. It was a good time, pretty rewarding work. My wife and I were planning a trip overseas with the organisation, when it fell through, and we ended up working on the home end. It was a great experience, that I would highly recommend.

html…. for tables

Here is the html I need to make a simple table with nice narrow borders.
I have needed this a couple of times, so have got it now :).

much of the ugliness in formatting is because it is in my blog….
it will dissapear when done for real.^h^h^h^h…. got it pretty 😉

some data in my table more data
some data in my table more data