Monthly Archives: April 2003

Functional/Regression testing with MaxQ

For your functional testing needs MaxQ rocks (and is open source ;)). The current release of MaxQ generates and runs Jython code. Generation of Java code (giving nice Maven integration) is in the pipeline. I use it for doing smoke testing of a site, making sure that urls don’t break. It also works well for testing static sites, making sure that responses are of a specific size etc.

It fits the bill of generating regression style test suites for a web-app. The good bit is not having to do all the labourious URL creation code manually…. the bad news is that you don’t get to test the content, and that the requests could have been generated from the html sent to the client (ie that selects contained the values chosen etc).

Overall its a cool tool. Using Python/Java as the output is great, and adding output in any BSF language is pretty straight forward.

A Theistic Thought

One of the more defining things about myself is that I am a Christian.

This means different things for different people. For me when I say it I mean:

I believe in God
I believe that the historical person Jesus Christ is the son of God.
I believe that the Bible contains the history of God working through time, and is God’s words to us.
I have a personal relationship with God.

Here you will find my thoughts and musings about God.

For now — take a look at Two Ways to Live

I’ve Made it

I’ve had enough of just lurking around and looking at ppl’s blogs and
figured I’d take the jump and enter with my own. I have got a few different
things I wanted to do a memory dump on, and figured that a blog would be the
way to do it ;)…. so here goes. Moveable Type is really quite good. I saw it a while ago when looking into setting up
my blog, and after the glowing review from Mike I figured that I would go with it.

You might have noticed that I have taken a pretty easy option with the
configuration of MT. It might change if I get the motivation and time… then
again maybe not ;).